Alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube

Alternatives to the Major Social Media

Alternatives to the Major Social Media

The age we live in is one of the most globally connected eras. This is both good, bad, and ugly, just like humanity itself. In some ways, we are becoming more fragmented and media and many seem to benefit from accentuating extremes.  For every group excited that someone other group was silenced or devalued on the main social media has created the opportunity of alternatives to the main social media platforms.  If your group seems to be “winning” with this division you are excited if you feel it is being silenced you are looking for alternatives to communicate. It uses to be that when people had their name attached they acted better on social but some of that is dissolving. As Social Media Managers we are taught to look from many perspectives especially the ones we don’t agree with. I am not condoning one side or the other here just showing some of the alternatives to the main social media platforms that I believe have evolved in part to these decisions. We need as social media managers to listen to both what is said online and what is not said online.

Here are some of the Alternatives to the Major Social Media Platforms. If you see any I missed please add them in the comments.

Orbys –

Comparable to Facebook and MyspaceIf you remember Myspace, Orbys has a very similar feature. The layout is comparable to Facebook. There are some exceptions. Not only does it give you a personal profile, it includes quizzes, polls, music, photos, news media, groups, events, and a marketplace. It is very open and user friendly with a few exceptions. The overall focus is to give users a personalized way to engage with different communities, individuals, and activities online.


  • Various Avenues such as quizzes, polls, blogs, music, shared photos, and news media
  • A user-friendly profile
  • Free Speech 
  • Open marketplace online
  • Create pages for free
  • Alternative to the Facebook community
  • No data collection
  • Mainly individuals with personal profiles
  • Advertisements are posted on the sides of web pages and not part of feeds. 


  • No Hashtags 
  • Complicated RSS
  • Could be considered Conservative-Centric
  • Difficulty uploading photos with privacy
  • Not a lot of content 
  • Not a global community. Mainly English and Spanish speakers.

Business Platform

Businesses can either create groups, pages or pay for advertisements displayed on the sides of public Orbys pages. The advertisements are not overwhelming but are visually appealing. If you offer one-time services or sell merchandise, then Marketplace on Orbys is perfect for you. You can even sell everything from eggs to firearms on Orbys. Make sure to tag your specific location for perishables. 


Comparable to Facebook and Meetup

MeWe is a colorful emoji-rich alternative to Facebook with hashtags. The Profile layout is very similar to Facebook yet has a bit more of an intimate feel than Facebook. The layout design is much simpler than Orbys and has a messenger-style chatbox for private messages. You can join groups and create your page for a small monthly fee. The groups are not filtered, and your private messages are not encrypted. Freedom of Speech is supported unless it endangers others. 


  • Politics are not filtered, and diverse political groups are present.
  • Freedom of Speech is allowed as long as it does not endanger others.
  • There is a colorful layout with tags and emojis
  • Simple layout
  • Private non-encrypted messages
  • No data collection
  • Advertisement free newsfeed
  • Advertisements are not present around the regular webpage
  • Plenty of business meet-up groups free of charge
  • More global than Orbys with over 15 languages available from Japan, China, and the whole Western Hemisphere


  • Not as many languages available as Facebook
  • The main content and belief of groups are unknown until you are accepted.
  • You must pay to add pages of your organization or group
  • Business pages are not shown on the users’ page.

Business Platform

     You can post links to any of your promotional content on your profile for friends to view. You can join different groups depending on their group guidelines and share your business there. You can pay $1.99 a month to create a business page and gather fans on MeWe. 

WT.Social –

Comparable to Twitter, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and Drudge

WT.Social is a text-styled bulletin feed similar to Twitter. The look is very technical and includes a variety of categories. Top categories are popular hashtags posted at the top of the homepage. Everything is information-oriented. You can create a sub wiki, which is a discussion group on any given topic. All posts are checked for verifiable information. If you are interested in sharing and conversing to get to the truth, this platform is for you. Amateur information seekers and journalists alike contribute to the information on here. 


  • Very fact-oriented with the discouragement of anonymous sources (unless the safety of sources is compromised) 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • A writer or journalists paradise
  • Perfect for most accurate fact checks
  • No emphasis on popularity or fan bases
  • Group forums known as Subwikis created to discuss specific topics
  • Stereotypes, sexism, racism, and political rants are not allowed
  • Neutral politics
  • Hashtag algorithms help users to find what they search for; nothing more and nothing less. 
  • Multiple sources linked to News stories
  • No advertisements


  • Posts are subject to cookie and data collection for WT. Socials business affiliations.
  • Opinions are discouraged
  • Profiles and posts are bare-bones with minimal photos. 
  • User data is collected for third-party vendors.
  • Currently, this site is only in English.

Business Platform

There is not a large business platform, and it is difficult to gain an audience. However, Subwikis could be developed for a particular business. You can also share posts with stories of a business as long as it is factual information. 

    OpenSource Social Media –

     Comparable to the Original Facebook platform, Wix, or WordPress

With OpenSource Social Media, you create your own Social Network. You can create groups or pages. You can become the admin of a network. Like the early Facebook, you can create your regulations for the Social Network, and you own all of your content. You can choose from their hosting companies and programs offered for a free or extra charge. You can create your pages and add multiple features and languages. 


  • Create your social network
  • Admin and manage your social network.
  • You own all the content to your discretion. 
  • You can add a variety of features. 
  • You can add as many languages as you want to your page.
  • OpenSource Social Media offers a variety of vendors who are free or available to hire for hosting, programming, and design
  • You can design your web pages.


  • Not ideal for those looking for a quick fan base
  • Somewhat high maintenance
  • Very bare-bones launch

Business Platform

     For an experienced social networker, this is a viable business platform. Keep in mind, take time and effort will need to be developed to develop a large network. The site is designed to include web pages. This feature could be useful for a small business to share through email and other social media platforms. You can customize the social network to a preferred area of interest. 

Elgg –

Comparable to the early Facebook and WordPress

Elgg is a platform for those looking to build a social network and create their plugins. For creative IT minds, this platform is perfect to showcase your skills. You can also create a new kind of social network. 


  • Create a new kind of social network with your special plugins. 
  • You own all the data on your site. 
  • You can create your plugin products through the site for your users.
  • You can add friends through your profile and collaborate.
  • You can build groups upfront.


  • Very bare bones upfront
  • Very high maintenance and designed for experienced app developers

HumHub –

Create your own Social Network and develop a name instantly. Add widgets for free and pick from a site layout free of charge or a professional upgraded version. Humhub has an increasing number of modules available. This platform is ideal for those looking to build a team-based social network. 


  • Choose from different software to develop a private social network.
  • A growing number of modules to choose from for the advanced networker.
  • Choose from or create tags easily.
  • Create and brand your social network.
  • Great for small teams to work together on and include others; a virtual business networking chapter
  • Choose from a variety of languages 


  • Very complex
  • It may take a long time to develop traffic for a business.
  • Collects cookies and lots of personal data
  • Could be eliminated by the European Union without notice (unlikely)

Business Platform

If one wishes to create a business platform, showcase the modules they created or, build a business networking chapter, this platform is ideal. You can also develop a large social network later on, yet that approach may be very time-consuming. 

Nextdoor –

Comparable to Facebook or Yelp  (more like an online “Neighborhood Watch”

Nextdoor is a more localized version of Facebook. You have to join a neighborhood before you can create a profile. The rules on posts are pretty clear about no harassment or appropriate spaces for discussion of politics or sale of items. Non-local politics and business have designated pages specifically designed for these discussions. Data is only shared if you post through a social media platform like Facebook. There are marketplaces, groups, and local News Feeds based on your community. You can broaden the information border of your community as long as it is within nearby driving distance. This feature is ideal for neighborhood communication and posting goods in services within the appropriate platforms. 


  • Localized posts between neighbors with little political pressure. 
  • Create a local business page.
  • The ability to sell almost anything through the marketplace.
  • Options to Sponsor ads for your business. 
  • Great for real personal information between neighbors.
  • Discourages fan-base creation and following.
  • Do not share your data unless you connect Nextdoor with a third party. 
  • Includes a holiday cheer feature to inform neighbors of where they can find the most Christmas lights.
  • Protects individuals from language that incites violence or intimidates people.
  • Help keep a neighborhood watch program in check.


  • Limited to the local neighborhood
  • Limited where you can discuss business and politics
  • Not ideal for Public figures or those looking for a large circle of influence

Business Platform

     Small businesses will find this platform ideal because they can register in their local marketplace and potentially make the news feed. You can create your business page, sell services and products through the local marketplace, and sell real estate. There are also safety guidelines in place to protect you from dangerous transactions. 

Parler –

Comparable to Twitter – “the world’s town square.” Parler is an American microblogging and social networking service. It has a significant user base of conservatives. 

Parler is very similar to Twitter in terms of its platform. You can speak out on almost anything and creates a News Feed for individuals. There are virtually no limits to your posts, and shadow banning is not a thing. They allow freedom of speech and expression. The hashtags rank by the most popular topics! If you are looking for unbiased freedom of speech, then Parley away!


  • Hashtags presented as trending. 
  • Visually appealing user-friendly platform.
  • Topics presented based on your current interests.
  • Follow who you choose and get an equal platform with other users. 
  • Receive a special badge for verifying you are a real person. 
  • Your data is erased after a timeout period.
  • Your information is not sold to third-party vendors. 
  • You can monetize your growth on Parlors.
  • Freedom of expression is allowed.
  • Includes most globally used languages
  • Has gained social popularity with well-known individuals and celebrities


  • New and somewhat smaller database than Twitter.
  • Mostly used by Conservatives

Business Platform

     The possibilities of promoting your business or abilities are endless. You are more than able to post anything that concerns your business. However, business is not the primary focus. You can gain a following, and find potential clients or customers. This platform is ideal for public figures, and anyone looking to monetize a following. 

Air.TV –

 Air.TV provides content on channels based on where people live and topics that interest them. Currently, their database is not very large. However, for individuals looking for safely filtered items appropriate for their children, this platform is ideal. Also, broadcasters who are starting may find this channel great. You can get paid 75% of revenues for a regularly published video. You can also get paid for embedding Air.TV videos if you get enough viewers. There are a variety of ways to monetize Air.TV. There are TV channels listed separately for viral video channels and News Channels. Information gathered here is for third parties, but only with your consent. There are no advertisements currently, and the content is very fact-oriented and gives all news networks equal coverage. 


  • Own published content
  • Make money from Youtube videos you embed through Air.TV, so long as you obtain a license from 
  • Make 75% of ad revenues for Air.TV ads. 
  • You can choose what ad or broadcasting programs you want to join. 
  • You can receive unbiased News from a national to a local level.
  • Air.TV is organized by pins on topics, dates, and locations.
  • Great for business ad embeds. You can choose to pay Air.TV to advertise for your business.
  • You have free unlimited storage on Air.TV


  • Not very prolific or global.
  • Not very user-friendly for those wishing to post their videos.

Business Platform

     You can use Air.TV to embed your videos to Social Media platforms like Facebook and increase the likelihood of views. You can also build a business around Air.TV if you choose to embed your videos using their server, so your channel gets more traffic to their database. Small networking channels would benefit from embedding videos from Air.TV to their website. 

Alignable –

Comparable to LinkedIn but the key focus is supporting local small businesses 

Alignable has pretty much all the features of LinkedIn. The only difference is it focuses on businesses and LLCs. You can still create an account as a professional offering their services in hopes of finding a job, but business clients are the focus. You can give or get advice, join networks, and connect with individuals and businesses. 


  • Offers advice and allows you to share advice
  • Allows you to join local networks and connects you with businesses based on the vicinity. 
  • Very user friendly and visually appealing
  • Memorializes businesses that go out of business if the owners choose.
  • Erases all personal information once you permanently close an account.
  • Allows some privacy settings without disclosing your personal information to third party vendors. 


  • Solely business-oriented 
  • Focuses on local business and access to global databases if hard to navigate.


Business Platform

Alignable is a social platform for your business more than for yourself. It allows you to create a Rolodex of clients and potential partners. You can gain reviews and advice from these individuals. It is an ideal tool for the individual trying to improve their business or find new connections.

Rumble –

Comparable to Tumblr and Youtube

Rumble has a vast database of viral videos and focuses on information sharing. You can bring together your Youtube videos, other embeds, or upload videos directly to Rumble for earnings from views. 

You can build your monetary earnings through uploading videos or use Rumble to upload your videos to your business site. You do not have to worry about licensing even if you are gaining income from your Rumble videos. Choose from a list of featured channels on your Rumble homepage.


  • No hidden licensing fees.
  • Download and license videos for your site.
  • Copyrighted videos are protected upon upload. 
  • Leverage Rumble brands to make money
  • Unbiased News Feed
  • A community forum for questions and answers is available on the front page.
  • Search engines are easy to find topics.


  • Does not seem to post in many different languages
  • A bit confusing at first
  • Not a large database

Business Platform

 For businesses looking to create ads and monetize views, then this is the website for them. Also, your content is your content, and Rumble publishes content for you so that others cannot steal it. You can customize your videos to fit your webpage with a variety of options.

New since the article was completed:

Retalk  –

Comparable to Reddit 

A more conservative discussion group and clearly in response to the perception that conservative voices are being silenced on other platforms. Their own statement about “Civil discussion for the center and center-right”. 

Odysee –
A Blockchain version of Youtube. “ LBRY is a blockchain-based file-sharing and payment network that powers decentralized platforms, primarily social networks, and video platforms. LBRY’s creators also run Odysee, a video-sharing website that uses the network.”


“Gab TV is a video hosting platform powered by the freedom of speech.” and from Wikipedia “Gab is an American alt-tech social networking service known for its far-right userbase.”

Clubhouse –

Comparable to Podcasting that could have many participants talking

A voice real-time-based discussion group. At the time of this posting is only on iPhone and IPads. A game-changer because it offers a new way of communicating not offered yet by other platforms. Once signed that it is a  game change is that other platforms are trying to copy it, eg. Twitter “Twitter Spaces” See this video I made predicting this. link to the website    

Messenger Alternatives

Signal – Private Messenger –

Telegram Messenger – Private Messenger –

Comparison of the two

Alternatives to Paypal: 

Private email 

Proton Mail – Private email

Again we are not enforcing any of these just providing information so if you hear about them you will recognize them. What did we miss that should be added? Add your own perspectives. Again note use good judgment with any information you find.
Martin Brossman

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