Prerequisites for the SMMCP

woman drawing social mediaBasic knowledge of Social Media is assumed for taking the Social Media Management and Marketing Certificate Program:

  • Do you know how to create a Facebook business page?
  • Do you currently have a LinkedIn profile with the photo?
  • Do you know how to retweet on Twitter?
  • Do you know what Instagram and Pinterest are?
  • Have you uploaded images from your camera/computer/phone to any of the social media sites?
  • Have you created a blog post on a WordPress site?

If you answer no to any of these, you really should consider taking the Core Competency Training at NC State. You may take both at the same time take the core competency following the Social Media Management Training: 

Here is the direct link to our online Course Competency in Social Media class (students of the Social Media Management and Marketing class will get this course free as part of the class):

Also learn more about the Core Competency in Social Media Training class at: