Available Social Media Training

This page lists some of the courses Martin and Karen teach at locations across North Carolina and neighboring states.  If you are interested in scheduling a course at your center, please contact either of us.

WordPress Introduction

Two days (12 hours; also available in a 3-hour introductory format)
WordPress can be used to establish a dynamic web presence that is professional and produces results. If you’ve been tasked by your organization to create a user-friendly, attention grabbing website, then this seminar is for you. This seminar will also show you how to optimize your WordPress website so that it is easily found by business clients using web searches.

Mobile Marketing-Connecting with Customers via Smart Phones & Tablets

3 hours
Getting more business for your local business capitalizing on the high use of mobile phones and tablets.  As a small business owner, you may be missing a large population of your market if you have not yet discovered the importance of being found and  looking good on a phone or a tablet.  This training will instruct you in  having a mobile web presence, using QR codes, apps and how to place and track mobile ads. If you have to spread your fingers on the screen to see a website on a mobile phone, that website is not mobile ready!. Many of your customers are now searching for you and your products through their smartphones. Will they find you or your competition that is mobile ready?

Building a Website for Your Business That’s Easy for Your Customers to Find

3 hours

Build a website that attracts the right customers that you can manage yourself and allows for maximum expansion over time as you grow. This is a results driven class with over 4 years of experiences in producing results. This class gives you the details for securing your domain name, choosing a graphics theme, and step-by-step guidance for building your site.  Students have access to instructional videos to support and add to the class instruction. You will also receive a list of recommended themes, plug-ins and widgets that allow you to customize and enhance your website.

Marketing with Pinterest for Small Businesses

3 hours
A results-driven Pinterest for business training. Learn how to use Pinterest, the newest social media service, to drive traffic to your business website, establish credibility, convey expertise and a sense of who you are as a business person, and develop a relationship with clients and partners. Pinterest marketing is most obviously useful for anyone who uses pictures of their work as a sales tool. But people in many other fields are learning how they can use Pinterest to send traffic to their business as well. Learn how small businesses are successfully using Pinterest!
(This class is available in a six-hour, hands-on format, as well.)

Core Competency in Social Media (aka Social Media Business Basics)

This course is taught in a multi-week format, six- or eight- weeks, 3 hours a week.

More and more professionals are realizing that a solid understanding of all of the social media platforms is challenging, yet crucial. This hands-on course will cover the fundamentals of top social media platforms, in detail, for members of business and industry. This course is taught by social media expert Martin Brossman.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a personal computer and a personal Gmail account set up prior to class.

Google+ for Mortgage Brokers

Google builds authority on the Web that can give a business an important marketing advantage. This class will outline the best use of Google+ and help you apply the concept of social validation-since Google understands that we now value what others have to say about a product or service more than we value the marketing material in making buying decisions.

Results-Driven Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

This class introduces the fundamentals of core competency in the set up of major Social Media platforms and how they are to be correctly used. You will determine what is appropriate for your business, which platforms to use first, in the future, and which not to use for your business. Areas of focus include: set up of accounts; populating base accounts; establishing a content distribution system, including photos, graphics and video; and maximizing keywords and online directories.

The Primary Tools of Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

Increasing core competency in the use of major Social Media platforms and online directories, this class presents the fundamentals of Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps and other online directories. Proper use of directories, which are vital for mobile marketing, will be covered in-depth: how to claim your free listings, how to correct any existing errors in directories, and how to enhance your presence with text and photos at no cost. This overview will help you target areas of concentration for implementing successful social media marketing efforts.

Social Media for Young Entrepreneurs

We know that building strong and loyal relationships help a business to get started and to grow. This is where social media can help in ways that we may never have dreamed were possible. But do we realize that business owners are also checking social media sites for prospective employees? The youth of today need to know the best ways to be using social media that can benefit them in the long run, and how they can also use it to find the work they are looking for.

Social Media for Commercial Realtors

It’s all about relationships! On the ground and on the web. This is a long-standing mantra in the business community. We know that building strong and loyal relationships help a business to get started and to grow. This is where social media can help in ways that we may never have dreamed were possible. The effective use of social media is a perfect fit for growing businesses and can help connect you to people and businesses you may have never thought of.

The Secondary Tools of Social Media Marketing for Business Owners

Build additional core competency in the application of some of the most popular platforms and tools which augment and support small business Social Media programs. You will learn the basics of photo sharing, blogs , email marketing, online surveys and shopping cart programs. The benefit of applying these secondary tools is generating a stronger Web presence that enhances your business brand.

Tracking Social Media Marketing Results & Return on Investment for Business Owners

Advance your core competency skills by understanding how to analyze and evaluate your Social Media results. You will learn how to monitor analytics and insights for adjustments, and how to evaluate and adjust for optimum conversion. Engagement with content and secondary validation-vital components for measuring ROI-are highlighted. You will come away with a plan for ongoing reputation monitoring and, if needed, knowledge to counteract online negativity with a positive Web presence.

Advanced Facebook for Business

This course will teach you how to take your revenue-generating strategies to the next level by converting one-time customers into repeat customers, increasing average order size, and making it compelling for your customers to refer their friends to you. Topics included: How to run contests and promotions without violating Facebook guidelines. Using Facebook paid advertising to discover and tap niche markets. Increasing your customer response rate by posting at the right time of day/week. Building custom “landing pages” for people who find your web site via Facebook. Optimizing your Facebook page for the search engines.

Social Selling with LinkedIn to Drive Sales

Social selling is the technique of using social networks and associated tools to brand, prospect, generate leads, nurture relationships and close new business. Social selling techniques are helping the sales profession evolve by helping sales professionals identify targeted prospects more easily. As social selling becomes adopted by more industries, LinkedIn will become the best entry point and resource for seasoned sales professionals in a business-to-business sales environment. If you are a business-to-business sales professional or a professional who wants to learn how to leverage your accomplishment to add value to your business, this is the training for you.

LinkedIn for Sales Careers and Enhancing Individual Reputations

From the pharmacists, to the business-to-business sales professional, to the small business owner you need to understand how to leverage the biggest networking tool on the web for your advantage. LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web. You can build your professional brand / market yourself in your field and find key contacts at companies that are of interest to you.

Using Video, Photos, & Podcasts

What every business owner needs to know to use multimedia including Pictures, Video and Audio to build your brand, stay top of mind for customers and increase your business revenue. Learn how to capture compelling images and stories that attract your next customer to buy and get them to share with their friends to expand your customer base. Social Media Marketing is driven by quality content delivered with words, pictures, video and audio. This class shows you free and low cost ways to gain a competitive edge creating content that can be distributed on: YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

Leveraging the Cloud

Cloud-based computing, which allows you to share files and applications over the internet, provides a high level of accessibility that frees the small business owner from a fixed workstation environment. Cloud service options include highly flexible, very secure data storage and manipulation. Some of the popular data sharing / processing / storage services are Dropbox, Salesforce and Evernote, among a wide variety of cloud-based services we will introduce. These free and low cost Web-based resources are accessible from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.